As our comissions fees kicked in, and as we promissed, we will start our monthly raffle in 1st March/22 at epoch 892. We will choose a random delegate from a random epoch to receive 5% from all comission fees received at our validator. The more is staked within our validator, the more we give back! Check the rules and the process below:  


1 - The raffle will take place at the last epoch of every month.


2 - One random epoch, happened in that especific month will be selected.


3 - In this random selected epoch, one random delegator will be selected.


4 - This selected delegator must still have an delegation of size equal or bigger in the last epoch of the month.


5 - If the requirement #4 is not met, another random delegator will be selected.


6 - In case 3 draws were taken without elegible winners, the prize will be carried out to the next month raffle.


7 - The prize will be comprised of 5% of the comission earned during the entire month.


8 - In case the staked amount fall below 4 million ones threshold in any particular epoch, that epoch comission will not be counted towards the prize.


9 - Every 1 million ones staked above 4 million, 0.5% will be added as a bonus to the prize (capped to 3% bonus at 10 million)